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MyFonts WebFonts Showcase Feature

It was a great surprise to get an email from MyFonts today telling us that was featured on their Webfont Showcase for our use of Brandon Grotesque. Honored to be mentioned.

MyFonts Webfont Showcase – Peck and Co.

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

Peck and Co by Benji Peck

Typographic loveliness abounds in this site for creative design agency Peck & Co, and webfonts are really only part of the story.Brandon Grotesque is used throughout for headings, text and navigation – but the user is really drawn in by the excellent hand lettered, illustrative calligraphy, the tightly balanced layout and the monochromatic, contrasty color scheme.

In days gone by, a layout like this would have been let down by the requirement to use those standard system fonts; no longer. The success of this design is in part thanks to the way the different graphic and textual elements play off each other by referencing both hand-made craftsmanship and mechanical reproduction.